About us

Shiva Cement is a strategic investment of well-renowned JSW Cement to establish a strong presence in the eastern part of India.

Our strategically situated facilities enable access to an abundant supply of raw materials with proximity to prominent markets. We are on the road to cementing our presence across the states of Odisha, West Bengal, Jharkhand, and Bihar.


Year of inception


Production capacity

Focus on Technology and Sustainability

Going strong. Going green.

We are strengthening our synergies with JSW Cement with a view to increasing the efficiency and productivity of the JSW Group. With a steady expansion plan and focused execution, we are ready to cater to the rising demand from a new India (market). More importantly, we are doing this with a stringent sustainability agenda, making our newer facilities greener than ever.

Cutting-edge Robo Lab for Quality Control
100% Green Power is our aspiration
30% Thermal Substitution
Rate (TSR)

Managing Director's Message

Our competitiveness as one of India’s top cement companies stems from our ability to innovate and deliver sustainable solutions for the construction value chain. Our plan is to expand our production capacity to 25 MTPA by 2023, which is aligned with India’s sustainable development agenda.

Focusing our collective energy on
becoming bigger and better every day

Parth Jindal

Managing Director, JSW Cement


Investor Relations Poised for growth
Focused on steady and sustainable growth, our strategic approach has kept us resilient and on the path of expansion. Today, all our efforts are being expended to take the Company to greater heights and create value for our shareholders.


Corporate Social Responsibility

Helping communities grow

From guaranteeing the quality of goods to maintaining a sustainable supply chain to investing in communities for their development to providing livelihood and creating a safe work environment, we are committed to uplifting and supporting society at large.

Sustainable livelihoods
Health Initiatives
Rural Initiatives