Green Product

Most Durable In Concrete Mix

Improved Early and Later Strength

Quick Setting

Superior Cohesion

Chemical Resistance


  • Reduced thermal cracks due to lower heat of hydration as compared to OPC
  • Reduced shrinkage cracks as compared to OPC, PPC
  • Improved workability and smooth finish
  • Improved cohesion
  • Better resistance against chemicals
  • Higher long term strength
  • Improved durability
  • Green product
  • Higher flexural strength


A colossal concrete motorway flyover access and egress.

Concrete roads & flyovers

The dam on the holy Narmada River, SARDAR SAROVAR DAM. This huge dam serves as power generator for mainly 3 Indian states i.e GUJARAT, MADHYA PRADESH, MAHARASHTRA.


Primary sedimentation stage, sewage flowing through large circular tanks with mechanically driven scrapers

Effluent treatment plant & Water retaining structures

construction of concrete foundation of building, horizontal

Foundation subsoil works

Large crane and construction of building

Industrial & Residential structures

NORTH SEA, UK - 2016 OCTOBER 01. AHTS vessel Island Valiant doing rig move operation for semi submersible rig Borgsten Dolphin next to Dunbar platform.

Marine works

JASIN, MALAYSIA -SEPTEMBER 05, 2016: Construction workers leveling wet concrete has been poured. They also use a vibrator machine in this work.

Mass construction works

foundation concrete pile under ground for base construction

Pile construction works