Shiva Cement was incorporated in the year 1985 and production began in 1986. We took over the manufacturing facilities along with the mines from IPI-SP Cement in 1997 through acquisition. IPI-SP Cement was CSE and BSE enlisted Cement company, a joint sector organization, with IPICOL (Govt. of Odisha).
Through the acquisition, the shareholders of IPI-SP Cement became our shareholders making us a listed company as well.
In 2007, ACC Ltd entered into an alliance with us through the participation of equity and nominations from the Board of Directors. We submitted a a two-phase expansion plan (to 2.6 MTPA) to the government authorities of Odisha. We also entered into MOU with the Govt to this effect in 2011. Now, we shall be executing Phase 1 expansion from 0.132 MTPA to 1.0 MTPA. We shall commence Phase 2 in a year’s time. We are headed by a team of experienced directors who are assisted by an efficient team of employees and have received several awards for outstanding performances, over the years.
Run by a large family of 40,000 shareholders. Our idle assets are the surpluses of infrastructure and mining reserves.
These will be utilized in forthcoming expansions to fully unlock an Investor’s value.