Corporate Social Responsibility


We have contemplated a holistic, integrated, and sustainable approach to cater to the needs of the community. This has been developed through a participatory approach at all levels. Stakeholders’ involvement, transparency, and convergence have been used as important tools during this process. The underpinning of all these efforts is to build a good rapport and trust-based relationships with nearby communities and other stakeholders such as government & non-government agencies. This relationship-building has helped in devising long-term transformative programs across a range of intervention areas.
To ensure the initiative is well-received, we have started strategic discussions with community members, for their inputs. The goal is to help them with adequate resources to become self-sufficient.
Our activities are aligned to develop a sense of ownership within the people to keep the initiatives and programs running without help.

The needs of the community identified, understood and segregated are under 4 broad categories:

1. Livelihoods
2. Education
3. Health
4. Rural Development


We believe that to effectively contribute to the needs of local community, we need to be consistently proactive. In recent times, across locations, we have extended our support to fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.

Rajgangpur (Shiva)
  • We made available a total of 6 beds, 3000 masks, 2500 gloves, 15 mosquito nets, 20 pillows with covers, 3 litres of hand wash, 10 litres of sanitizer, 100 soaps, 2 laser thermometers, 20 N95 masks and 20 bed sheets to the Community Health Centre in Kutra and PHC Khatkur Bahal
  • We also offered dry ration, meals, PPEs to patients and migrants. We also made available a number of shelter homes for quarantining purposes, in association with the government
  • We provided medicines and PPE kits to orphan children and distributed 3000 masks along with 2000 soaps in the community
  • Our efforts were recognized by many, for our assistance and timely support extended under CSR. These interventions have helped cultivate a positive sentiment about the company
  • Facilitate good quality education in government-run schools
  • Ensure 100% student enrollment in schools
  • Ensure zero dropouts
  • Conducted digital classes in 5 government schools
  • Renovation of 8 Anganwadis
  • Teaching the importance of personal hygiene
  • Organized essay-writing competitions on various topics
  • Provided learning material to children
  • Organized district-level inter-school Kabaddi Championship
  • Organized district-level Science Exhibition
  • Student enrolment increased by 7%
  • Improved healthy behavior and habits amongst children
  • Zero dropouts from schools were noted