Philosophy & Vision

Our Philosophy
India essentially needs economy/GDP growth rate above 9% for next one decade to fulfill following :
1. To improve income level of population below poverty line (BPL)
2. To create employment/self employment opportunities for the large young population
3. To increase Govt. revenue and thereby to facilitate infrastructure & social sector spending
4. To command respect in global fraternity with increased level of National income
Growth of manufacturing sector will always remain as key driver to achieve such high growth rate for Indian economy. Manufacturing sector out-sources various services and thereby promotes service sector as well. Major Govt. revenue is also linked with growth of manufacturing sector
We are therefore, committed to grow and to participate in the growth process of entire Nation. We feel, this is the best service to Nation
At the same time, growth cannot be exclusive and hence, we have to ensure that all stake holders of the company also grow together
Any manufacturing process is the "value addition" by utilizing natural resources like land, water, minerals, coal, energy etc. Hence, growth process should also ensure optimum utilization of natural resources to take care of future generation
Our Vision
To become fast growing & cost efficient company here after
To grow along with all stakeholders and to serve Nation by participating in growth process
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