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Shiva Cement was incorporated in the year 1985 and first comml. Production commenced in 1986. It took over the manufacturing facilities along with mines from IPI-SP Cement Co. Ltd in the year 1997 through an amalgamation route. IPI-SP was originally a joint sector company with IPICOL, Govt. of Odisha. IPI-SP was originally listed with CSE & BSE. Hence after amalgamation with SCL, the shareholders of IPI-SP became the shareholders of SCL. Subsequently SCL also became a listed entity.

In the year 2007, ACC Ltd entered into alliance with SCL through participation of equity and nomination of directors on the Board. Thereafter, SCL submitted an expansion plan to Govt. of Odisha to expand the plant capacity upto 2.6 MTPA in two phases. SCL also entered into MOU with Govt. to this effect in April 2011. Now it is implementing Ph-1 expansion from 0.132 MTPA to 1.0 MTPA. Ph-2 shall be taken up after completion of Ph-1 with a time gap of minimum one year. However expansion plan was put on hold in 2013 due to adverse scenario. But will be taken up again with improvement of Indian economy.

SCL is managed by a team of experienced directors. They are assisted with team of professionals who are most valuable assets for SCL. It has obtained several awards for it's outstanding performances. SCL is owned by a large family of shareholders exceeding 40,000 in numbers. It is having idle assets in shape of surplus infrastructure, mining reserve etc. which will be fully utilized in forthcoming expansions. Thereafter, investor's value may be fully unlocked.

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