HR Policy

Shiva Cement Ltd. considers its employees as valuable assets, who are omnipotent for the success of the organization. Shiva Cement Ltd. strongly believes that its employees are the most important drivers of the company's growth and success. Keeping in line with this we provide our employees with an excellent environment to work and grow. Continous Endeavors are made to provide them a platform for facilitating upgradation of their skills as well as to enable improvement in their deication and sense of belongingness. Shiva Cement Ltd ensures that its employees enjoy an optimum work – life balance, which in turn ensures mutual growth.
We are committed to :
Non discrimination or non favoritism in recruitment process
Preference to local persons within the state for un-skilled & semi-skilled
To develop competency through internal & external trainings
To give enough opportunity & scope for improving performance
To develop dedication and sense of belongingness
To involve middle management in decision making process
To consider increments & promotions with judicious approach without affect of liking/dis-liking
To follow safety policy
Finally, we treat all employees as member of SHIVA FAMILY
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