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Expansion Plan
Growth plans for next five years has been finalized envisaging 15 times growth of the present capacity in two phases. SCL already entered an MOU with Govt. of Orissa to this effect. This will facilitate statutory approvals, additional land, mines, water & power. Additional land and environment clearance has been already obtained for Phase-1 expansion upto 1.0 Mn.TPA. Phase-2 expansion above 2.0 Mn.TPA shall be taken up after completion of Phase-1 with a time gap of one year.
Looking into rising cost of power, SCL is envisaging to add captive power plant in future clubbed with coal benefication facilities.
  Fly ash from the power plant shall be captively consumed for manufacturing PPC cement. However, this has been deferred looking into present constraint of coal supply and to keep focus on core activity (cement production) at present.
Present capacity of SCL plant is only 0.132 Mn.TPA. Thereafter, it obtained all statutory approvals, acquired land and now Phase-1 expansion is ready to take off.
In today's competitive scenario, volume expansion has to be essentially clubbed with cost efficiency. Hence, the latest & modern technology for cement grinding has been selected with aim and target of entering into the league of "most cost efficient plant" in the country.
The conventional technology for cement grinding is inter mix grinding (clinker & slag/fly ash) in a Ball mill. Most of the existing plants (more than 90%) in the country are operating with such conventional technology.
Grinding index of slag is higher than clinker. Hence, with inter mix grinding, the slag particle remains relatively coarser. Hydraulic property of slag improves with finer grinding. Clinker is to be ground at relatively lesser fineness, but with particle size control in the narrow range. Such different characteristic of clinker & slag necessitates separate grinding of clinker & slag with different fineness and particle size to give most optimum results and minimizing clinker cons. We have therefore, opted for separate grinding of clinker and slag.
Ball mill is power guzzler. It has also limitation of slag grinding alone due to high moisture content in the slag and harder to grind. We have therefore selected Vertical Roller Mill (VRM) in lieu of conventional Ball mill; which is highly energy efficient. VRM is ideal for moist slag grinding and best suited for particle size control.
With selection of latest technology, the clinker consumption will reduce by 15-18% from present level. Power saving on cement grinding alone will be more than 20%.
In a composite cement plant, major portion of power, fuel & Limestone consumption is upto clinkerisation stage. Hence, by reduction of clinker consumption, the over all cost on per MT of cement shall be substantially reduced. This has been already established in few recent plants using this technology.
In Phase-1 expansion, the existing Kiln shall also be modernized to improve it's power & fuel efficiency. In Phase-2, a new Kiln with most modern technology in combination of VRM for grinding raw material and coal will be opted.
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