Corporate Social Responsibility

As per company's philosophy, CSR policy may not be restricted to periphery & social development, but it should cover all stake holders of the company. It has therefore identified and quantified the present stakeholders as under
Stakeholders   Appx. Qty. in Nos.
Employees - 440
Periphery villagers (Plant & Mines) - 10,000
Shareholders - 40.000
Supplier of Goods & Services - 500
Customers - 200
The quantity shall increase with plant expansions
In addition to above stakeholders, we have also identified "environment" as an essential area where the public at large and future generation in particular are treated as stakeholders
As per Company's philosophy, compliance of pollution control norms (dust emission, water discharge etc.) has a limited impact on neighbouring areas. However carbon emission has bigger impact on the environment of the state & country for which no norms/standards are prescribed. At the same time, carbon emission is bound to take place in any manufacturing operations
Therefore, SCL's focus is for reduction of carbon emission in the larger context and welfare of the state & country. Carbon emission in the cement plant takes place on account of burning of fuel and calcination of Limestone. Indirect carbon emission is on account of power consumption which is produced in Power generating plant through burning of fuel
SCL therefore has opted to produce PSC cement which reduces carbon emission by nearly 40% in comparison to OPC Cement. Further SCL proposes to use latest technology of cement grinding to reduce carbon emission upto 55% in comparison to OPC cement
SCL is also committed to add plantation every year to nullify carbon emission to some extent
The CSR policy is under revision considering above philosophy for present & future activities of the company
SCL shall also fix a target of carbon emission per MT of cement, which will be lower than present level and industry average
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